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Lurie Children's Hospital Transport Team - CCT Injury accident

Date: 11/10/2013 0352 CST

Program: Lurie Children's Hospital Transport Team
	225 E Chicago Ave
	Chicago, IL 60611

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Road: Clear

Team: Nurse, 2 Respiratory Therapists, 2 EMT-B's (driver/partner). Injuries. No patient. 

Additional Info: 
	An SUV going the wrong way on a one way street hit the ambulance head
	on, mainly to driver side. The ambulance spun around and stopped when
	it hit a cab. Only minor injuries were reported by the team/crew after
	being medically cleared at the hospital. Information on driver of SUV
	not available. The cab driver and 2 passengers were taken to hospital
	with further information unavailable. 
	Lights and sirens were not being used. All team/crew members were
	wearing seat belts. The ambulance was inoperable. A PAIP was
	instituted. The team was taken out of service. Debriefs to follow. 

Source: Laura Westley, RN, MSM, CPT Director, Transport Team

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