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Life Air Rescue - Injury accident

Date: 11/9/2013 1232 CST

Program: Life Air Rescue
	1 St. Mary Place
	Shreveport, LA

Type: EC135
Tail #: N911KB
Operator/Vendor: Metro Aviation

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, 2 Mechanics. Injuries. No patient. 

	At approximately 12:32 CST on Saturday 11/9/2013, the Life Air Rescue
	aircraft sustained heavy damage while repositioning from the Metro
	flight line to an open field for a maintenance test flight. The
	accident occurred at the Metro Aviation facility in Shreveport.
	Onboard were the duty pilot and two mechanics. The pilot and two
	mechanics were treated and released from a local hospital. 
	The aircraft had undergone an 800 hour inspection, engine change and
	other maintenance and inspections. The aircraft had done numerous
	ground runs the day before with no incident. The accident occurred on
	the second flight of the day. The pilot, both mechanics reported a
	loud ?POP? and then the aircraft began spin counter clockwise (nose
	left). Personnel in the hangar also reported a ?POP? prior to the
	sound of the aircraft impacting the ground.
	There is limited video from the security cameras. The aircraft was
	configured with a voice recorder. The accident has been reported-as
	required-to the FAA and NTSB who are investigating.  This is a Part 91

Source: Jon Johnson, Regional Operations Manager

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