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MedStat Air - Injury accident

Date: 9/19/13 2127 CDT 2127 CDT

Program: MedStat Air
	201 Airport Dr
	Winona, MS 38967

Type: AS350B2
Tail #: N810LE
Operator/Vendor: Metro Aviation

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic. Injuries. Patient on board. 

	On September 19, 2013 an interfacility flight originated in Ackerman,
	MS en route to Jackson, MS. During the flight a low engine oil
	pressure indicator warning light illuminated. The pilot noticed a low
	torque reading and that there was no rise in the oil or engine
	temperatures. Shortly after, the pilot saw a rise in the engine
	temperature gauge and lowered the collective. He then observed the
	engine temperature rising at a higher rate and located an open field
	in order to perform an emergency landing. The engine lost total power
	prior to reaching the open field and the pilot attempted a night time
	autorotation under NVGs. The pilot cleared the tree line and made a
	hard landing in an open field surrounded by trees.  The aircraft
	sustained significant damage to the landing gear, tail rotor and tail

Additional Info: 
	All crew members were able to exit the aircraft after emergency shut
	down procedures of the battery and fuel supply.  The pilot sustained
	injuries to his back and both medical crew members sustained minor
	orthopedic injuries.  The patient remained secured on the stretcher
	during the event and sustained no further injuries.  The patient
	transport was completed by another company aircraft. 
	Investigation continues into the cause, though preliminary reports
	indicate an internal oil seal failure.

Source: Mark Galtelli, Program Director

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