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Classic Lifeguard - Non-injury incident

Date: 08/12/13 1656 MST

Program: Classic Lifeguard
	P.O. Box 7200
	Page, AZ 86040

Type: Bell 407
Tail #: N407CH
Operator/Vendor: N/A

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	While Enroute from Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) to Kane County
	Hospital in Kanab, Utah, the pilot observed the illumination of the
	XMSN OIL PRESS caution light. The Transmission Oil Pressure Gauge
	reading of ?0? was subsequently verified, the flight crew was briefed,
	and a precautionary landing was made without delay to a BLM wilderness
	area trail head parking lot without incident. During descent to
	landing the pilot was able to communicate directly with dispatch via
	FM radio and transmitted location and situation. After landing the
	crew was able to re-contact dispatch via satellite phone as there is
	no cellular service in this remote area. Dispatch was also able to
	confirm aircraft location on the automatic flight following system.
	The pilot noted normal transmission temperatures throughout the
	emergency procedure and engine shutdown. A post-flight inspection by
	the pilot showed no oil leaks and normal transmission oil level. A
	second aircraft and crew were dispatched to Kane County Hospital.  

Additional Info: 
	Upon further inspection of the transmission, the lower chip detector
	plug was found out of the locked detent position and had slightly
	?backed out? of the housing. This condition will cause a disruption of
	oil flow through the transmission oil pump and therefore a loss of oil
	pressure. A disassembly and inspection of the Main Rotor Mast and
	Transmission components was performed with no anomalies found.
	Aircraft has been returned to service. SMS Safety report has been
	submitted to insure education of maintenance and operations staff.

Source: Matthew Stein, Program Director

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