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LIFE STAR - Hartford Hospital - Non-injury incident

Date: 7/11/13 18:30 EST

Program: LIFE STAR - Hartford Hospital
	80 Seymour St., P.O. Box 5037
	Hartford, CT  061022

Type: EC-145
Tail #: N145HH
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. 

	At approximately 1830 hours on July 11th the medical crew was
	completing their shift preflight equipment check when they observed
	the IV pump (IVAC) charger to be sparking and smoking. All external
	electrical sources were removed and the charger was pulled from the
	wall. The charger continued to smoke and black soot was noted on the
	aircraft wall below the electrical outlet. The aircraft was taken out
	of service and maintenance completed an inspection of the aircraft?s
	electrical system.  No damage or contributing equipment was identified
	and the aircraft was placed back in service.  The damaged equipment
	was pulled from service to be inspected by Hartford Hospital
	biomedical engineering. 

Additional Info: 
	Follow up: The charger and connected IV pump had been in-service for
	four months and the combination was one of six Carefusion Medsystem
	III recently purchased.  The IV pump was returned to service with no
	damage or abnormalities noted.  The aircraft, a 2009 American
	Eurocopter EC-145 with a Metro Aviation interior was subsequently
	tested for voltage abnormalities.  No concerning voltage variations
	were noted while either on aircraft generator or hospital delivered
	power.  All remaining IVAC chargers have been inspected by Bio-Med and
	the charger in question will be sent to Carefusion for further

Source: Chris Watkins, Business Manager, LIFE STAR

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