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Air St. Luke's - CCT Non-injury incident

Date: June 2, 2013 0330 MDT

Program: Air St. Luke's
	190 E Bannock Street
	Boise, ID  83712

Model: 2006 Ford E450 MedTech

Type: Type III

Weather: Clear, Night

Road: Clear

	David Bowman, EMT (Driver) - not injured
	Karly Maratea, Paramedic - not injured

	At approximately 03:30 AM on June 2, 2013, while transporting a
	patient from Ketchum, Idaho to Twin Falls, Idaho, Air St. Luke's Wood
	River ambulance struck a deer on Idaho 75, MP 93.  There were no
	injuries.  There was moderate damage to the right front grill and
	fender.  The patient was transported by county ambulance back to the
	hosptial in Ketchum.

Source: Michael McGrane, Director

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