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STARS - Non-injury incident

Date: 03/29/2013 02:00 MST

Program: STARS
	1441 Aviation Pk, NE. Box 570
	Calgary, Alberta

Type: BK 117
Tail #: C-FKCM

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Two Pilots, Flight Nurse and Paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	After landing at the sending hospital during a PICU mission, the
	safety pilot noticed a fuel puddle at the rear of the aircraft. Upon
	closer inspection he noticed fuel streaming out of the aft engine deck
	drain. He quickly advised the flying pilot and called for the machine
	to be shut down. As a precaution the safety pilot grabbed the fire
	extinguisher in the event that a fire may start during the shutdown.
	The flying pilot immediately shut down the aircraft and turned off all
	electrics. The aircraft was shut down without incident. Engineering
	determined the cause of the fuel leak was an O-ring which had failed
	on a fuel line which led to the fuel filter assembly. The O-ring was
	replaced and leak check was performed. Aircraft was put back into
	service and flown back to base without incident. 

Additional Info: 
	This concern was forwarded to our Engineering department at the time
	of discovery and was recorded and rectified in accordance with
	Engineering Procedures. The following actions were initiated as a
	corrective action plan. Short Term ? The Director of Maintenance
	researched/recorded the cause of the O-ring failure however there was
	no clear indication of how long this O-ring was in service or who
	installed it. Given that the O-ring was damaged when it was originally
	installed, fuel pressure eventually was able to breach the O-ring.
	Long Term ? A follow-up maintenance reminder for O-ring installations
	is being prepared and sent to all Engineering staff. 

Source: Paul Jackson, Safety and Risk Manager

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