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Survival Flight - Non-injury incident

Date: MAY 5, 2013 0528 est

Program: Survival Flight
	University of Michigan Hospital
	1500 East Medical Center Drive
	B1 352TC/5307
	Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5307

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. 

	Two external programs (Program A and Program B) were simultaneously en
	route to the University of Michigan Hospital, and the main helipad had
	both landing zones available.  Both pilots had been notified of one
	another?s destination and ETA.  In the 10 minutes prior to arrival,
	Program A?s aircraft did not   maintain two-way radio communication
	with the University of Michigan Survival Flight?s communication
	center, as required by standard practice.  Multiple attempts were made
	by Survival Flight communications staff, on all available frequencies,
	to contact this aircraft without success.  On final approach, Program
	B?s aircraft had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision with
	Program A.  A review of the transcripts of radio communications and
	telephone conversations between the University of Michigan
	communication staff and the other programs? flight crews demonstrated
	that proper frequencies were provided and initially utilized.
	Ultimately both aircraft and patients arrived safely, and were
	transferred into University of Michigan?s care in a timely way.
	Survival Flight administration has reviewed its communication center
	policies and reviewed recordings to verify that proper procedures were
	followed by our staff.   Survival Flight administration has been in
	contact with the involved programs leadership as well as operators. 
	Survival Flight staff were notified of the incident.  We plan to
	increase the emphasis on the importance of pre-landing communication
	in training materials for staff from other programs about landing on
	our helipad, but feel that our existing materials and protocols offer
	adequate education about this matter. 

Source: Denise Landis, RN Manager, Critical Care Transport

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