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AirMed University of Utah - Non-injury incident

Date: 3/19/13 1120 MST

Program: AirMed University of Utah
	50 N Medical Drive
	Salt Lake City, UT

Type: Pilatus 
Tail #: N399AM
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. No patient. 

	A request for the AirMed Rock Springs fixed wing team came in at
	approximately 1000 on 3-19-13. The request was to transport a patient
	from Lander Wyoming to Salt Lake City Utah. The transport was accepted
	after checking all appropriate weather and NOTAMS. The team landed in
	Lander, WY without incident and preformed a post flight walk around.
	Approximately 35 minutes after landing the medical crew returned with
	the patient. The aircraft was noted to not be in the location where it
	was parked. The aircraft had rolled back into the chain link fence.
	The aircraft rudder and internal spar were crushed by the top cross
	pole of the chain link fence making the aircraft un-airworthy. The
	aircraft was placed out of service and the sending facility was
	The patient transport was completed without incident by a local fixed
	wing company at the request of the sending facility.There was no
	impact on patient care other than a 30-45 minute delay.
	Root cause indicates that the pilot applied the wheel brakes, however
	it was determined that not enough pressure was used to fully set the
	brakes. Due to the slope of the ramp the aircraft rolled back into the
	fence causing the damage. The pilot stated there were no wheel chocks
	in the immediate area. Wheel chocks were purchased and placed in all
	fixed wing aircraft and are to be used anytime the pilot leaves the
	vicinity of the aircraft. 

Source: Frankie Hurst RN, BSN, CFRN Interim Program Manager AirMed

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