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University of Michigan Survival Flight - Non-injury incident

Date: 3-19-2013  1300 EDT

Program: University of Michigan Survival Flight  
	East 1500 Medical Center Dr.
	Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Type: Citation Encore 
Tail #: N911UM 
Operator/Vendor: Pentastar Aviation Charter Inc

Weather: 1500 ft. overcast, 2 miles, light snow.

Team: 2 pilots, 2 surgeons, 1 perfusionist. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	On descent into Willow Run Airport (KYIP) from 12,000 ft. a Thrust
	Reverser Unlocked was indicated. The flight crew performed the memory
	items and then addressed the situation with the abnormal checklist.
	While addressing the unlocked thrust reverser, an additional warning
	for a Failed #2 AC Inverter illuminated. The pilot not flying
	addressed the multiple aircraft system issues with the proper
	checklists and the pilot flying communicated with ATC. An emergency
	was declared and the aircraft continued to Willow Run Airport. After
	the aircraft issues were addressed prior to landing, the medical crew
	was briefed on the situation and the intentions. An uneventful
	approach and landing was completed with emergency vehicles standing by
	at Willow Run Airport. 
	Prior to the Medical Crew departing the airport with the procured
	organ, the flight crew and the medical crew debriefed the incident.  
	The aircraft was returned to service after Pentastar Aviation
	Maintenance staff successfully addressed both of the aircraft system

Additional Info: 
	The inverter problem was a component failure and the reverser unlocked
	indication was a wiring harness failure.  The two failures are
	unrelated. It's just bad timing to have both failures on the same
	The smoothness of the addressing the incident is a compliment to the
	Flight Safety training that the Flight Crew receives and the AMRM
	training that all flight and Survival Flight Medical Crews train. 

Source: Jeff Heibeck, Pilot

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