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Cal-Ore Life Flight - Non-injury incident

Date: 3-23-2013 12:00 am 

Program: Cal-Ore Life Flight
	311 Cove Road
	Brookings, Oregon
	Contact:  Dan Brattain  541-661-2082

Type: PA31T
Tail #: N716WA
Operator/Vendor: Cal-Ore

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	After take-off on a patient transport from KCEC to KMFR, the pilot
	selected the gear up and immediately noticed that the Red
	"unlocked/in-transit" light remained illuminated.  The pilot re-cycled
	the gear with the same result.  The pilot then returned the landing
	gear to the down position, receiving the normal three green
	indications and elected to return back to KCEC.  The patient was
	transferred to another company aircraft and the flight successfully
	completed. All proper notifications were made and there was no adverse
	impact on the patient or crews.

Additional Info: 
	The following morning, the aircraft was inspected and maintenance
	personnel determined that the nose landing gear hydraulic actuator was
	slightly out of adjustment due to normal wear allowing the uplock hook
	to not fully engage.  This discrepancy was corrected, the aircraft
	swung on jacks, test flown, and put back into service. An FAA
	"Mechanical Reliability Report" was submitted to the governing FSDO.

Source: Dan Brattain, Program Director

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