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AirLife Denver - Non-injury incident

Date: 01/28/2013 0525 MST MST

Program: AirLife Denver
	750 Potomac Street, Suite 201
	Aurora, CO 80011

Type: Bell 407
Tail #: N772AL
Operator/Vendor: AirMethods

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	On the morning of January 28th, 772AL was returning to base after an
	inter-facility transport in the Denver Metro area when the crew and
	pilot heard a loud banging noise directly above their heads. Although
	no caution or warning lights were noted and no vibration or variance
	in the cyclic was noted, the pilot elected to make a precautionary
	landing.  Utilizing CRM with the crew, a large open field was
	identified and a precautionary landing was completed without incident.
	 The PAIP was activated in the communication center and external
	agencies (police and fire) were notified.
	Upon visual inspection by pilot and crew, no damage or cause for the
	loud noise was identified.  The mechanic on call responded to the
	location and received a description of the noise from the pilot and
	crew. After a detailed inspection of the aircraft, the mechanic
	determined the noise was a compressor stall. The combination of having
	the air filter close to the service limit and the use of snow baffles
	led to a compressor stall.  The filters are due for cleaning at 300
	hrs, and the current time was approximately 291 hrs.  The medical crew
	was transported back to their base by ground. The snow baffles were
	removed and the pilot and mechanic flew 772AL to the hangar where the
	air filter was changed. A maintenance flight was conducted and the
	aircraft was returned to service.

Additional Info: 
	Maintenance change of practice of air filter cleaning/change from
	300hrs to 200hrs with snow baffle use and communicated to entire
	Crew all stated CRM went extremely well, hazards at LZ identified and
	communicated with pilot.
	PAIP activated appropriately.
	Good coordination between communication specialists and administration
	on call.
	Communication specialists did a great job handling the situation.

Source: Casey Zeigler, Safety Officer

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