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SJI EMS - CCT Non-injury incident

Date: 11/19/2012 0400 PST

Program: SJI EMS
	Friday Harbor, Washington

Model: Type III Braun Northwest

Type: Type III

Weather: Wet, rainy, cold.

Road: Wet

Team: Driver, EMT. No injuries reported. 

	A ground ambulance while responding to a 9-1-1 call sustained damage
	to the passenger side lower box when it hit a tree stump hidden in
	overgrowth along a narrow steep gravel driveway.  Ambulance was found
	to be damaged but not disabled and continued to the scene.  Patient
	was successful treated and transported to the Clinic. Both responders
	were seat belted and were uninjured. No patient was aboard and all
	equipment secured.

Additional Info: 
	After the call, ambulance was placed out of service, inspected by the
	EVT, and sent for repairs to the lower box and equipment door. 
	Learning point: In future responses with narrow, unlit, overgrown
	driveways, the smaller medic rig should be used to inspect the
	driveway first when possible, or if passability is questionable,
	vehicle should be parked safely on road and a walking inspection of
	driveway completed first.  If impassible, pt should be carried from
	scene to the ambulance left on roadway.

Source: Larry Wall, Director of CCT

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