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Air St. Luke's - CCT Non-injury incident

Date: 01/11/2013 2300 MST

Program: Air St. Luke's
	190 E Bannock Street
	Boise, ID  83712

Model: 2010 Chevrolet  MedTech

Type: Type III

Weather: Night, Clear

Road: Wet

Team: EMT Driver, Nurse, Respriatory Therapist. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	Night of January 11, 2013, Air St. Luke?s Maternal/Child team had just
	dropped off a patient and was returning to quarters when their
	ambulance collided with a pickup at an intersection in downtown Boise.
	 The pickup driver approached the intersection, hesitated, then
	proceeded through a red light.  The EMT driver alerted the nurse and
	respiratory therapist who were belted in the patient compartment,
	braked sharply and swerved to avoid contact with the pickup. Impact
	occurred on the driver?s front panel and left wheel. The pickup truck
	sustained damage to passenger door panels.  The ambulance remained
	upright and no air bags deployed.  There were no injuries.  

Additional Info: 
	The PAIP was activated.  The event was debriefed with the crew and
	presented to the entire team.

Source: Michael McGrane, Director

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