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Boston Medflight - Non-injury incident

Date: 12/4/2010 09:03 EST

Program: Boston Medflight
	Robins Street, Hangar 1727, Hanscom AFB, Bedford, Mass. 01730

Type: BK117 C-1
Tail #: N271NE
Operator/Vendor: Era MED, LLC

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, CCT Nurse and CCT Paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	On 12/4/2010, at approximately 09:03, the aircraft was transporting a
	modified scene patient from an island hospital to a Boston tertiary
	care center. During final approach into the hospital helipad,
	approximately 10 feet from touchdown, the medical crew noted smoke and
	flames coming from an overhead storage unit where a suction gauge and
	chargers are located. The PIC  was notified,  electrical power was
	shut off and the aircraft landed without incident. During this time,
	the medical crew shut off oxygen sources and extinguished the fire
	with a portable Halon extinguisher. The crew and patient were OK and
	safely egressed the aircraft and transitioned to the emergency
	department. Boston FD was notified as a safety precaution. After
	patient transfer, the crew was debriefed on the occurrence with
	administration and arrangements made for transport back to base.
	EraMED, FAA, Northeast Air Alliance members, hospital
	administration/ED staff and on-duty crews were notified of the

Additional Info: 
	After inspection by Era MED maintenance, it was determined that the LH
	cabinet 120V AC outlet wiring harness chafed into the VAC1 switch
	housing which caused arcing and, ultimately, created enough spark and
	heat to ignite the composite material on the face plate. Our second
	BK117 was also inspected for wire chafing to ensure a similar event
	did not occur. The aircraft was placed back into service after the
	overhead storage unit was repaired and components replaced. 
	This event was reported to the FAA and NTSB for review.

Source: Andrew Farkas RN/EMT-P, Chief Operations Manager

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