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MCH CareStar - Non-injury incident

Date: 12/5/2010 1700 

Program: MCH CareStar

Type: Bell 407
Tail #: N514MT
Operator/Vendor: Med-Trans Corp

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: No injuries reported. No patient. 

	On December 5, 2010 the base mechanic found a "pea size hole" on the
	leading edge of a tail rotor blade.  After closer examination, two
	scratches were found on the left side of the tail boom between the
	horizontal stabilizer and tail rotor.  The helicopter had been washed
	on Dec 3 with no visible damage and was not flown Dec 4, so the damage
	must have occurred on Friday Dec 3 after a local PR flight or the
	following scene flight that was canceled after dispatch. It is
	suspected that a stud for the tail rotor gearbox access door either
	was missing its keeper or the keeper broke allowing the stud to fall
	into the tail rotor in flight.
	After determining the depth, length and location of scratches on the
	tail boom it was removed and sent for repair.  
	The immediate and decisive action on the part of the mechanic played
	an integral role in the safe outcome of this occurrence.
	Additional information will be provided pending the results of an
	internal investigation.

Source: Reid Vogel, Director of Marketing

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