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Airlift Northwest - Non-injury incident

Date: 11/16/2010 1500 PST

Program: Airlift Northwest
	6505 Perimeter Rd S, #200
	Seattle, WA 98108

Type: Turbo Commander
Tail #: N70MD
Operator/Vendor: Aero Air

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Two Pilots, Two Flight Nurses. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	While on approach to KBFI the pilot reduced power to approximately 10%
	but the engine continued to create close to 40% power. The flight
	crew, after briefing the medical crew on the situation and their
	intentions, elected to move forward with a precautionary engine
	shutdown to secure the engine prior to landing. This provided for a
	controlled situation and one in which the pilots are regularly
	trained. As an additional precaution, and to assure the use of all
	available resources, the pilots declared an emergency with air traffic
	control. The landing was successful with no damage to aircraft or
	injury to crew. The aircraft and crew were immediately removed from
	service. The crew returned to service after debrief by both Airlift
	Northwest & Aero Air. The aircraft was returned to service after the
	fuel control unit was replaced and then test flown.

Additional Info: 
	The medical crew noted the professionalism of the pilots during the
	briefing before the landing and during the debriefing. All team
	members, including Communication Specialists, were involved in the
	debrief by Airlift Northwest & Aero Air. The crew was referred to CISM
	for support.

Source: Brenda Nelson, Chief Flight Nurse

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