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CAL-ORE Life Flight - Non-injury incident

Date: 9-22-3010 03:30 PDT

Program: CAL-ORE Life Flight
	POB 1986
	Brookings, OR 97415

Type: Piper Cheyenne II
Tail #: N47CA
Operator/Vendor: Own Part 135

Weather: 1,500 overcast

Team: No injuries reported. No patient. 

	After completing a patient mission and dropping off the medical crew
	at a another base, the pilot (the sole occupant) executed a normal IFR
	approach to CEC (Crescent City, CA).  The pilot descended below the
	overcast and received a visual approach to the airport.  Upon
	selecting gear down, the red "in transit/gear unlocked" light remain
	illuminated and the gear handle remained in the down position (it
	should have returned to the neutral position) with no green lights.
	The pilot followed the emergency checklist and used the back-up system
	of hand pumping the gear down manually.  This was successful on the
	first attempt as the pilot obtained three green lights and the red
	light extinguished. The pilot landed without further incident.

Additional Info: 
	The aircraft was taken out of service.  Maintenance personnel
	determined that a seal in the left gear door actuator had failed and
	allowed a large volume of hydraulic fluid to exit the aircraft. The
	pilot reported that at no time did he observe hydraulic fluid on the
	ground during any leg of the mission. The system has a built-in
	reserve allowing for the gear to be manually extended by not allowing
	all of the fluid to leave the aircraft reservoir in the event of a
	hydraulic leak.  The actuator was replaced, hydraulic pack and pumps
	checked and serviced, gear swung, and a test flight performed before
	the aircraft was put back into service.
	An FAA maintenance interruption report was filed with the FSDO.
	The incident has been directed to the company's Q/M committee and the
	failed actuator will be torn-down for inspection.

Source: Dan Brattain, President

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