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Classic Lifeguard - Non-injury incident

Date: 10/05/2010   1600 MST

Program: Classic Lifeguard

Type: Beechcraft E-90
Tail #: N181CG
Operator/Vendor: N/A

Weather: Instrument Meteorological Conditions

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	While en route from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport(FLG) to Page Municipal
	Airport (PGA) at 16,000 feet, the RH FIRE annunciator illuminated
	along with the right side fire extinguisher button. Pilot executed the
	ENGINE FAILURE OR FIRE IN FLIGHT checklist items, the right engine was
	shut down and secured, and ATC notified of the emergency. The
	published emergency descent procedure was initiated while the medical
	crew looked out the right side of the aircraft for evidence of smoke
	or flame. No evidence of fire was observed. With the fire annunciator 
	still illuminated and no way to eliminate the possibility of fire, the
	pilot actuated the right hand fire extinguisher. Tuba City Airport was
	the closest airfield at 15 miles. At 10,000 feet, visual
	meteorological conditions prevailed with rain. During descent the
	medical crew read the appropriate checklists to the pilot using
	challenge and response. The single engine landing at Tuba City was
	uneventful and after shutdown the flight paramedic exited the aircraft
	and inspected the right engine and cowl area for fire and gave the all
	clear as the flight nurse and pilot exited. Flight service was called
	and given status update. The PAIP was initiated after first contact at
	1620 MST. Local Police, Fire and EMS units were initially dispatched
	by ATC and arrived shortly after landing. 

Additional Info: 
	Upon inspection by maintenance no evidence of fire was found. The fire
	detection system electrical components were inspected and cleaned and
	no defects were found. The fire extinguisher system was serviced and
	the aircraft was returned to service.

Source: Matt Stein, Program Director

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