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Boston Medflight - Non-injury incident

Date: 8/28/2010 16:30 EST

Program: Boston Medflight
	Robins Street, Hangar 1727, Hanscom AFB, Bedford, Mass. 01730

Type: S-76C  
Tail #: N72EH
Operator/Vendor: EraMED, LLC

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, CCT Nurse and CCT Paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	During departure from a sending hospital helipad, at approximately
	100ft AGL, the aircraft suffered a complete loss of power from the
	number 2 engine. The pilot executed a safe single engine landing into
	an open adjacent parking lot. The landing was uneventful with no
	aircraft damage, property damage or personnel injuries. The aircraft
	was shut down and the patient and crew were transitioned to a ground
	ambulance for transport to a tertiary care center. During the event,
	the BMF administration was notified through our vehicle contingency
	plan to ensure proper resources were available for crew/patient safety
	and that the debriefing process could begin. A Boston MedFlight
	Internal Alert Network (IAN) was sent to all BMF staff and area air
	medical programs to alert them of incident. Representatives from
	EraMed, Sikorsky and Turbomeca were notified of incident. A formal
	debrief was completed with the pilot, medical crew and administration
	upon mission completion to review concerns and learning points. Upon
	further review of the event and an initial borescope inspection of the
	engine, it appears that a turbine blade broke loose from the N1
	turbine, caused internal damage and subsequent complete power loss in
	the affected engine. A serviceable replacement engine was installed
	and the aircraft returned to main base of operations. A formal debrief
	was conducted with all Boston MedFlight staff to review incident and
	concerns during staff meeting.
	The affected engine has been sent back to manufacturer for a complete
	inspection and analysis to determine the cause of the internal
	component failure. The aircraft will only be placed back into service
	once a complete review of incident has occurred and all required
	inspections are completed in accordance with engine/aircraft
	manufacturer and part 135 vendor recommendations.

Additional Info: 
	Based on service letter history and possible potential for similar
	issues, BMF has elected to change the same module in the non-affected
	engine with and upgraded unit.
	During the debriefing sessions with the pilot in command during this
	incident, she felt that her annual S-76 simulation training at Flight
	Safety International contributed to a safe outcome during this event.

Source: Andrew Farkas RN/EMT-P, Chief Operations Manager

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