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AIRLIFE Denver - CCT Non-injury incident

Date: 9/10/2010 1920 MDT

Program: AIRLIFE Denver
	501 E. Hampden Avenue
	Englewood, CO 80113

Model: Ford E450 Braun 

Type: Type III

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Road: Clear

Team: No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	While en route, non-emergent, to the receiving facility with a patient
	on board, CCT AL92 was involved in a motor vehicle crash.  The CCT was
	traveling westbound and had just maneuvered into the far right lane
	anticipating a right turn into the receiving facility within a half
	block.  A sedan was also traveling westbound just ahead of the CCT and
	in the far left lane (2 lanes over from the CCT).  The driver of the
	sedan suddenly made a right turn directly in front of the CCT and the
	vehicles impacted at moderate speed.  The impact caused moderate
	damage to the sedan, superficial damage to the front of the CCT and
	did set off the DriveCam.  There were no injuries.  
	The EMT immediately notified the communications center and a PAIP was
	activated.  The appropriate 911 agencies were dispatched and assisted
	with scene management.  AMEICS was utilized and our administrator on
	call (AOC) and vendor supervisors responded to the scene.  The
	communications center dispatched AL91 CCT that was nearby and the
	patient was transferred into that vehicle and the transport was
	completed without further incident.  There was a third party witness
	to the accident and the DriveCam confirmed the accounts from all
	involved.  The driver of the sedan was ticketed.  The ambulance has
	been taken out of service for thorough inspection and will be placed
	back into service when cosmetic work is complete.  

Additional Info: 
	A debrief was completed shortly after the incident and a full root
	cause analysis is being conducted.  It should be underscored that the
	patient, crew and equipment were all properly secured and stowed,
	limiting the damage and potential injuries.   
	Lessons learned include:
	?	Crew restraints?all crew were properly restrained and feel this
	greatly enhanced their outcomes.  One RN in the side-facing seat did
	suffer a minor head strike the safety committee will review for
	further opportunities and will review preferred seating options with
	?	Patient restraint use?the patient was properly restrained including
	shoulder straps.  The head of the bed was elevated and the crew noted
	that the patient still moved a fair amount even with all of the
	restraints.  They further surmise that without shoulder straps the
	patient would have likely have slid out the top of the pram.
	?	Equipment restraint use?all equipment was properly stowed and
	secured, however it was noted that an O2 bottle became dislodged and
	that one of the 3 straps to secure it may not have been fully
	?	Scene safety?all crew wore reflective vests on scene.

Source: Jana Williams; Program Director

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