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STARS - Non-injury incident

Date: 18 August 2010 10:30 MDT

Program: STARS
	1441 Aviation Park NE
	Calgary, AB  T2E 8M7 

Type: BK117
Tail #: C-FIOM

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: 2xPilots, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	On the return leg to a receiving hospital during an interfacility
	mission, the flight crew encountered a Cessna airplane - same
	altitude, opposite direction - close enough to require an avoidance
	manouver to avoid collision.
	The flight crew were in uncontrolled airspace underlying Calgary's
	controlled airspace floor of 5500 asl., on a heading of approximately
	310 @ 4500 asl for direction travel.
	The crew had been monitoring Okotoks MF 122.8 and, anticipating
	entering controlled airspace, had already switched over to Calgary
	Terminal 119.4. Crew were also monitoring 126.7 and had switched over
	to monitor ATIS. With ATIS received crew were about to contact Calgary
	Terminal when the non-flying pilot identified opposite direction
	traffic and verbalized "Traffic - right turn -right turn". The flying
	pilot initiated a descending right turn to avoid traffic. The Cessna
	appeared not to be aware of STAR-1's position. With the "All Clear"
	from the non- flying pilot, the aircraft was returned to previous
	course and altitude. 
	Calgary Terminal was then contacted and advised of the avoidance
	manouver and near collision. Terminal indicated that they had seen the
	traffic closure, however the Cessna had been at 5000 asl, and with the
	500' separation, had felt there was no conflict. The flight crew
	communicated to Terminal that the Cessna had not been at said
	altitude. Terminal responded that there did not appear to be any other
	targets in the area. Terminal made no attempt to contact the Cessna. 

Additional Info: 
	Subsequently, the Flight Crew contacted ATC on August 19th evening to
	seek clarification around near mid-air events as viewed by ATC.  ATC
	reviewed the radar timeline which showed an intermittent prime target
	in the vicinity of where the incident occurred.  That is, an aircraft
	not under ATC's control and operating in uncontrolled airspace. Upon
	initial contact with ATC on 119.40, immediately following the near
	mid-air, ATC had referred to an aircraft at 5000 asl as not being a
	conflict and indeed this was the case. The radar history showed said
	aircraft was 5000 asl and 3 miles from STAR-1. While no prime target
	was associatted with STAR-1's position at the time of the incident, a
	previous prime target was intermittently observed in the vicinity of
	the incident.

Source: Scott Young, Director, Aviation Operations

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