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Air Evac EMS, Inc. - Fatal accident

Date: 08/31/2010 4 a.m. CST

Program: Air Evac EMS, Inc.
	P.O. Box 768
	West Plains, MO 65775

Type: BH 206 LongRanger
Tail #: N62AE
Operator/Vendor: Own Part 135

Weather: 1700 scattered, 4500 scattered, 5000 overcast, 10 mile visibility, as reported 5 miles from scene

	Kenneth Robertson, pilot - fatal
	Kenneth Meyer Jr., flight nurse - fatal
	Gayla Gregory, flight paramedic - fatal

	The crew, based in Vilonia, was en route to a pre-established landing
	zone to meet a ground ambulance to pick up and transport a patient.
	The pilot had been in contact with ground personnel to confirm landing
	zone information and was approximately 3 minutes from the site when
	contact with the aircraft was lost and satellite tracking ceased. The
	cause of the accident is still unknown. Officials with the NTSB and
	the FAA have begun their formal investigation.

Source: Seth Myers, President & CEO

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