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Cox Air Care - Non-injury incident

Date: July 10, 2010 2320 

Program: Cox Air Care
	3801 S National 
	Springfield, MO  65807

Type: MD 902
Tail #: N902LC
Operator/Vendor: Air Methods Corporation

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	The flight team was requested for a scene flight for a victim of an
	motor vehicle incident in a rural county in southwest Missouri.  The
	requested landing zone was near the intersection of two highways
	southeast of Cassville, MO.  This is not a predesignated LZ and was an
	area unfamiliar to the flight team.  
	The pilot did the usual reconnaissance of the scene and began final
	approach into the LZ.  All crew members were wearing night vision
	goggles on the flight and upon approach into the LZ.  The flight medic
	was in the co-pilot seat with the flight nurse in the back.  
	On final descent, the flight medic visualized power lines beneath them
	and called out the pilot's name to abort.  The pilot aborted the
	landing and chose another location (an open field) to land.  Patient
	was loaded and transported to the receiving facility.  
	Upon further investigation, the aircraft was found to have a burn mark
	on the lower edge of the searchlight on the belly of the aircraft.  It
	was subsequently determined that the damage was most likely due to
	arcing from a power line.  

Additional Info: 
	The aircraft was placed out of service until clearance by on site
	mechanic and the aircraft manufacturer.  
	Defusing took place with flight team involved in the incident. 
	Subsequent root cause analysis by the hospital's RCA team and involved
	Our SOP's have been revised to reflect utilization of a predesignated
	LZ over one that is not, and adequate communication at a scene or LZ. 

Source: Susan Crum, RN; Program Director

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