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UAB Critical Care Transport - Non-injury incident

Date: 07/28/2010 0605 CDT

Program: UAB Critical Care Transport
	ABC 1516 5th Ave. South
	Birmingham, Alabama

Type: Citation Bravo
Tail #: N10UH
Operator/Vendor: Lifeguard Air Ambulance

Weather: Some clouds

Team: Two pilots, flight practitioner and flight respiratory therapist. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	Upon approach into Birmingham's Shuttlesworth International Airport,
	the aircraft hit 2-10 small doves at approximately 25 feet from the
	ground on runway 24, striking the nose and the wings.  All gauges were
	showing normal and they taxied to the hangar where the plane was taken
	out of service to check for damage.  Only a scratch of paint about 1/2
	inch long on the nosecone from the beak impact was detected.  The
	aircraft was inspected by the Lifeguard airplane mechanic and placed
	back into service.    

Source: Laura Lee Demmons, Director

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