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Classic Lifeguard - Non-injury incident

Date: 8/8/10 1349  MST

Program: Classic Lifeguard
	230 10th AVE.
	Page, AZ  86040 

Type: Bell 407
Tail #: N407CH
Operator/Vendor: N/A

Weather: Scattered to broken ceiling 2000' visibility more than 10 miles.

Team: Pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	The flight had just departed Flagstaff Medical Center for the return
	leg back to base. Four minutes into the flight, northbound at cruise
	altitude of 8500' while traversing the eastern slope of the base of
	the San Francisco Peaks, the TCAS audible warning indicated "traffic
	12 o'clock same altitude". Note: this threat warning occurs when
	traffic is detected at 1 mile or less with a calculated intercept
	course. Visual indication was also confirmed on the GPS nav screen.
	The pilot and flight paramedic, seated in the co-pilot position, both
	looked ahead and simultaneously spotted a single engine air tanker
	(SEAT) dead ahead at the same altitude, closing fast. The Classic
	pilot initiated an evasive turn to the right(away from the terrain)
	and successfully avoided the SEAT. Radio contact was then established
	on 122.8 and SEAT pilot was asked to monitor helicopter air to air
	frequency 123.02 due to moderate volume EMS flights in the vicinity
	and the close proximity of the hospital. The SEAT pilot gladly

Additional Info: 
	The SEAT plane was re-seeding the area involved in the former "Shultz
	Fire". The Shultz Fire TFR had been canceled approximately 1 month
	prior. Classic dispatch notified all other operators in the area. The
	U.S. Forest Service has been contacted and steps have been introduced
	to prevent this type of incident, including NOTAMs and direct contact
	with local EMS operators. 

Source: Matt Stein, Program Director

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