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EagleMed 7 - Fatal accident

Date: 07/22/10 19:26 CDT

Program: EagleMed 7
	3300 Northwest Expressway
	Oklahoma City, OK

Type: Eurocopter AS350 B2
Tail #: N918EM
Operator/Vendor: EagleMed, LLC

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

	Al Harrison, Pilot - fatal
	Ryan Duke, Flight Nurse - fatal
	Michael Eccard, Flight Paramedic - injured

	The aircraft departed Integris Baptist Medical Center at 19:13 for a
	patient transfer flight from Okeene Municipal Hospital, Okeene, OK.
	Contact was lost with the aircraft at 19:26 and emergency response
	teams were dispatched to its last known location.  The aircraft went
	down approximately 19 nautical miles northwest of Oklahoma City, near
	Kingfisher, OK.
	The Pilot, Al Harrison and the Flight Nurse, Ryan Duke received fatal
	injuries and were pronounced dead at the scene.  Flight
	Nurse/Paramedic Michael Eccard was taken by air to the OU Medical
	Center for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident.  The
	aircraft was consumed in a post crash fire.

Additional Info: 
	The cause of the accident is unknown at this time and is under
	investigation by the NTSB, FAA and others.
	A Memorial Service will be held Thursday, 29 July 2010 at 10:00 CDT at
	the Crossings Community Church, 14600 N. Portland Avenue, Oklahoma
	City, OK.
	A fund for the families has been established and any donations may be
	sent to:
	EagleMed 7 Crew Fund
	6601 W. Pueblo Road
	Wichita, KS 67209 

Source: Scott Gerard, Director of Safety - EagleMed, LLC

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