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Boston Medflight - Non-injury incident

Date: 7/5/2010 20:33 EDT

Program: Boston Medflight
	Hanscom Air Force Base
	Robins Street
	Bedford, MA 01730

Type: S-76 C  
Tail #: N72EH
Operator/Vendor: EraMED, LLC

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, CCT Nurse, CCT Paramedic. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	During ascent after departing the hospital en route to a Boston
	tertiary care center, as the aircraft transitioned into forward
	flight, the #2 engine experienced a partial loss of power. The pilot
	executed the immediate action procedures for a single engine power
	failure at an altitude appropriate to fly away. The pilot was able to
	successfully transition to single engine flight and diverted to
	nearest airport, which was Hanscom AFB (main base facility). The #2
	engine began to operate ?normally? while en route to airport. The
	pilot executed single engine landing procedures in accordance with the
	emergency procedure checklist without incident. During the flight to
	Hanscom, the medical crew was briefed on the situation. Upon landing,
	the crew elected to transition into a second helicopter with the other
	pilot and completed the transport without incident. The aircraft was
	taken out of service and the mechanic on call was notified. The
	aircraft will undergo appropriate inspections related to the event and
	include resources from Era Med and Sikorsky. A thorough debrief was
	completed with PIC, medical and communications staff. A Boston
	MedFlight Internal Alert Network (IAN) notification was sent to all
	staff making them aware of incident.

Additional Info: 
	Upon inspection, the collective transducer was identified as the
	probable cause and replaced. The defective part will be sent to
	Sikorsky engineers for further analysis and testing.

Source: Andrew Farkas, RN/EMT-P, Chief Operations Manager

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