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Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatric Transport Team - CCTNon-injury incident

Date: 5/17/10  

Program: Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatric Transport Team; Rochester, MN

Type: Type III

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Road: Clear

Team: Driver, nurse, RT, paramedic, parent. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	While returning to the PICU, the vehicle struck a deer carcass on the
	highwhay while traveling 65-70 mph.  This caused a piece of sheet
	metal from the front end to be bent into the wheel of ambulance.  It
	was initially determined to be non-drivable, and the EMS supervisor as
	well as a relief ambulance were immediately dispatched to scene. 
	After ~10 min, EMS crew manually bent sheet metal away from wheel area
	and transport was completed uneventfully.

Source: Robert Dorman, Pediatric Transport Coordinator

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