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Hartford Hospital LIFE STAR - Non-injury incident

Date: 06/02/2010 1941 EST

Program: Hartford Hospital LIFE STAR
	80 Seymour Street
	Hartford, CT 06102-5037

Type: EC-145
Tail #: N145HH
Operator/Vendor: Air-Medods Corporation

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Pilot, Flight Nurse, Flight Resp. Therapist. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	While performing a ?hot? load of a patient on a scene call, the left
	sliding passenger door of LIFE STAR 1 came loose at the aft car that
	supports the door when open. This caused the door to disengage from
	the car and hang loose by only forward hinges. The patient was
	transported by ground with the medical crew to a local hospital and
	the mechanic was requested to the landing zone in order to inspect the
	The mechanic inspected and secured the door, and the aircraft was
	flown back to Hartford Hospital without incident. The mechanic and
	pilot then performed a complete door jettison functional check on the
	door and it was determined to be functioning properly. The aircraft
	was then placed back into service with no further incident.

Additional Info: 
	Although it is unclear as to why this happened, we have added checking
	of the security of the jettison system on the sliding doors to our
	pre-flight checklist.

Source: John R. Spencer  Communication Manager

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