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Nationwide Childrens Hospital Transport Team - CCT Injury accident

Date: 05/13/2010 01:08 am E

Program: Nationwide Childrens Hospital Transport Team
	525 Kennedy Drive
	Columbus, Ohio 43205

Model: Horton Build on 2007 International

Type: Type III

Weather: Misting rain

Road: Wet

Team: Paramedic, Paramedic, Nurse. Injuries. 

	At approximately 01:08am on May 13th, 2010, the team was in the Mobile
	Intensive Unit (MICU) traveling southbound on US 23, just south of
	Chillicothe Ohio.  This stretch of US 23 is a divided highway with a
	grass median.
	The unit was traveling at approximately 60mph in the outside lane on a
	slight curve and had just passed a car.  A tractor-trailer in front
	was changing lanes to right.  Suddenly, headlights appeared directly
	ahead and the EMT driver spotted a vehicle traveling northbound in the
	southbound lanes. Although he attempted to swerve to the median, the
	two vehicles collided head on with brunt of the impact to the MICU?s
	right front. All occupants in the MICU were seat-belted.  All
	equipment was secured.
	Just seconds prior to impact, the Nationwide Children?s Hospital
	Communication Center had called to obtain a verbal position report.
	The front seat passenger was answering the phone upon impact and the
	entire event was recorded.
	The PAIP was immediately initiated.  The EMT driver of the MICU
	suffered seatbelt burns to his shoulder and contusion to his knee. He
	immediately made sure the other crewmembers were OK before exiting the
	vehicle through his door. He then instructed all team members to exit
	the vehicle and assured that others that other motorists stopping at
	the accident had called 911.
	The front seat passenger of the MICU was unable to exit the vehicle
	due to damage and exited through the patient compartment.  She
	suffered seat belt marks to the shoulder, chest and abdomen, bruised
	right ribs and a right lower leg injury.  The nurse was seated in the
	patient compartment airway seat forward facing.  She suffered minor
	lacerations to left elbow and head.
	The MICU EMT driver then responded to the driver of the other vehicle.
	Although that person was pinned in the wreckage, the EMT attempted to
	offer care until the arrival of EMS.
	All occupants of the MICU were treated and released. The driver of the
	other car was transferred to the regional trauma center.  She was
	cited for driving while intoxicated and traveling the wrong way on the

Additional Info: 
	The patient the team was en route to transport was transported by
	another ground service to Nationwide Children's Hospital.  The manager
	of the department responded to the local hospital where the team
	members were treated and released.  

Source: Philip Holt, Operations Coordinator

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