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AirMed International - Non-injury incident

Date: 23 Apr 2010 0940 CDT

Program: AirMed International
	1000 Urban Center Drive Suite 470
	Birmingham, AL 35242

Type: Beechjet 400A
Tail #: N492AM

Weather: Layers of clouds

Team: Captain,First Officer, RN, and RT. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	Departed Cincinnati Municipal Airport (KLUK) at 0910 EDT to pick up
	patient at New Orleans International Airport (KMSY) with the
	Cincinnati Children?s Transport team. At approximately 0940 CDT, while
	the aircraft was at 2000 ft MSL between layers of clouds and being
	vectored for an approach to Rwy 10 at KMSY, a bird strike occurred on
	aircraft left.  Afterwards, all engine indications and parameters were
	normal, and a normal landing was accomplished.  On post flight walk
	around, flight crew discovered indications of bird strike on left
	engine nacelle at the 12:30 position, feathers in exhaust, and on
	first set of stator blades.  Engine was replaced and aircraft returned
	to service.

Additional Info: 
	Information jointly posted by Denise Treadwell, EVP, AirMed / Becky
	Baute, Sr. Clinical Director, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Transport

Source: Denise Treadwell, EVP, AirMed / Becky Baute, Sr. Clinical Di

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