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Cal-Ore Life Flight - Injury accident

Date: January 20, 2010 8:03am PST

Program: Cal-Ore Life Flight
	PO Box 1986
	Brookings, OR 97415

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: Two Flight Nurses, Paramedic Driver, Paramedic Attendant, Patient, Family Member. Injuries. Patient on board. 

	While en route by ground, with lights and siren, from the
	Hillsboro-Portland Airport (HIO) to the Oregon Health & Science
	University Hospital (OHSU) in Portland, OR, with a patient that had
	just been transported by our fixed-wing aircraft, the ambulance was
	struck on the driver?s side by a private vehicle while traveling
	through an intersection. The flight team members attending the patient
	in the back were unrestrained at the time of the collision. 
	Local EMS, Police, and Fire departments responded to the scene. A
	second ambulance was sent to the scene and transported the patient,
	family member, and Cal-Ore crew to OHSU. The Cal-Ore crew and the
	ambulance paramedics sustained minor injuries and were treated and
	The incident was immediately reviewed and debriefed with the ground
	ambulance provider and Cal-Ore staff. After a thorough investigation
	by law enforcement and the provider, it was determined that the
	ambulance failed to come to a complete stop before traveling through
	the intersection. Cal-Ore Life flight has followed up with the patient
	and family member, and to date they have not experienced any ill
	effects from the collision.
	The investigation is closed with the strong recommendation to all
	Cal-Ore crewmembers to remain belted at all times, if possible, during
	ground transport legs.  If unable, due to patient care requirements,
	they need to be positioned and aware of the possibility of sudden
	stops or other unusual occurrences.    

Source: Joe Gregorio, EMT-B, General Manager

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