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STARS - Non-injury incident

Date: 11/06/2009 10:00 MST

Program: STARS 
	1441 Aviation Park NE, Box 570
	Calgary, AB T2E 8M7

Type: BK-117
Tail #: C-FIOM

Weather: Clear. Not a factor

Team: 2 x Pilots, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	The crew was responding to a day scene call on a two lane highway
	which had an approximately 5% grade and was ice-covered. Due to the
	road conditions, the aircraft arrived on scene prior to fire,
	ambulance and police.
	Coordinating with a break in the light traffic, the helicopter landed
	near the scene, facing uphill. After landing, the pilot flying noticed
	a semi-trailer unit at the crest of the hill, approaching slowly.  The
	pilot flying advised the crew to remain on-board and kept power levers
	fully forward. It became apparent that the semi could not safely stop
	in time, so the helicopter was moved vertically 50-60 feet to allow
	passage of the semi.  After the semi passed, the helicopter was
	re-positioned on the ground. 
	A bystander with a pickup truck then proceeded to the crest of the
	hill to stop traffic above the slope.

Source: Scott Young - Director, Aviation Operations

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