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Cal-Ore (Westlog Inc.) - Non-injury incident

	11-08-05 6:00 am PST

	Cal-Ore (Westlog Inc.)

	Crescent City, California

	Clear. Not a factor

	Piper Cheyenne II

	No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

	Upon releasing brakes after applying power for take-off, a hard right
	turn could not be corrected.  The aircraft exited into a grassy area
	adjacent to the runway at approx. 10-20 kts. of speed. There were no
	injuries.  One propeller did receive some damage.  The patient was
	later transported on another aircraft. A brake or nose steering issue
	is being investigated. The aircraft is expected to be back in service
	in a few days.

	Dan Brattain, Program Director

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