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Suspicious activity at airport - Injury to flight nurse


	Suspicious activity at airport - Injury to flight nurse

	We realize this is not an incident or accident but felt that it was an
	important potential safety item that other programs should be aware


	Program: Eagle Air Med
                      POB 305 
                      Blanding, UT 84511

       Base: Kayenta, AZ

	At approximately 2200 on 10/27/05 an Eagle Air Med flight nurse saw a
	suspicious light at the local airport where the ambulance aircraft are
	parked.  When he approached the airport he realized that there was a
	person dressed all in black under the aircraft near the right landing
	gear with a flashlight.  When he pulled into the airport he drove
	toward the airplane and turned his bright headlights on the
	individual.  When he did this, the person ran.  The nurse immediately
	called 911 and our Communications Center.  He then turned his
	headlights to an open field where he saw the person run.  As he did
	this, he noticed a person hiding in some bushes in a field near the
	airport.  He ran towards the person, but lost sight of him in the
	darkness.  As he was walking back to the ramp, he saw from his
	peripheral vision a person running at him.  The person used some type
	of stun gun and attacked the nurse.  The nurse was taken to the local
	clinic, was treated, and returned home in good condition.  The police
	searched the local area and did not find the suspect.  Currently, the
	FBI, FAA and Homeland Security have been notified and are
	investigating.  Eagle Air Med aircraft were inspected by maintenance
	personnel and no damage was found.  The aircraft in question has
	remained offline until the FBI inspects the aircraft.  Additional
	security measures are being taken, including additional lighting and
	security cameras.

       Source: Cheryl Bowers, Vice President, Medical Operations

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