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New website for CONCERN

-Approved: avpu


By going to www.concern-network.org, all the services of CONCERN are
available in one place, including; subscribing, unsubscribing,
viewing archived reports, and when the need arises, issuing
bulletins. In addition, the features of the Air & Surface Transport
Nurses Association?s Hazard Awareness Reporting Page (HARP) are
available here as well.

Another feature of the website is a section to answer FAQ?s, or
Frequently Asked Questions. If there is something you want to know
about CONCERN, the answer may be there. As more questions require
answers, we will post them as FAQ?s.

Starting today, if a bulletin needs to be issued, the process can be
initiated by the affected operation?s management via the website. By
accessing the proper template, all the necessary information can be
e ntered and sent to the CONCERN administrative site, located at
Flight For Life Colorado?s Communications Center in Denver,

This also marks the end of the CONCERN fax tree. After many years of
service, email technology has rendered the transmission and
retransmission of faxes obsolete. My thanks to all those who have
helped maintain the fax network over these many years. Should anyone
be dependent solely on fax to receive a bulletin, please contact me to
explore other options.

It?s my hope that this step will make CONCERN more responsive to the
needs of the community. However, please pray you never hear from

David Kearns, MS, RN, CFRN

CONCERN Coordinator


The CONCERN network shares verified information to alert medical
transport programs when an accident / incident has occurred.
Please share the abo ve information with your program staff. If
you have further questions, please contact the CONCERN Coordinator,
David Kearns at 800 525 3712 or email: coordinator@concern-network.org.

Copyright 2005 ASTNA