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LifeStar of Erie, PA - Fatal accident


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10/07/05 2345 EDT

LifeStar of Erie, PA

CJ Systems Aviation Group

EmergyCare, Inc
1701 Sassafras St.
Erie, PA 16502

Night, IFR

Agusta 109Power


Heinz Shulz, Pilot. Fatal injuries.

No patient.

After completing the GPS approach into PA91 (Kane Community Hospital;
Kane, PA) on an IFR clearance, the flight nurse and paramedic
disembarked to prepare a patient for a flight to Pittsburgh. During
this time, the pilot was to fly 10 nautical miles the the northeast
to KBFD to refuel.

The pilot departed on an IFR clearance and was radar identified by
Cleveland Center at 2236 EDT and subsequently cleared for the ILS 32
approach in KBFD at 2341. This was the last radio contact with the

The refueler at the FBO overheard the above radio transmissions and
was awaiting the arrival of N7YL. When the aircraft failed to
arrive, he notified Cleveland Center and Kane Community Hospital, who
informed the waiting flight crew. At that time, the missing aircraft
procedure was activated.

Following an extensive search, involving local Bradford area and Erie
County agencies, along with other regional ground and air assets, the
aircraft was located at 1315, Sunday, October 9, in a heavily wooded
area, 4.65 nautical miles southeast of KBFD.

A memorial service is scheduled for Friday, October 14, 2005, at 1100,
at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA. Memorial contributions may be made
to the Erie City Mission or the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center.

Cyndy Carter, Program Director, LifeStar

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