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LifeEvac 2 - Follow-up

	January 10, 2005 0021 EST

	LifeEvac 2

	A Memorial Service honoring pilot Joseph Schaefer and flight paramedic
	Nicole (Nikki) Kielar, who died when their Life Evac EC135 crashed in
	Alexandria, Virginia on January 10, 2005, has been scheduled for
	11:00 AM on Tuesday, January 18.  The service will be held at
	Spotswood Baptist Church, 4009 Lafayette Blvd., Fredericksburg,
	Virginia.  Members of their air medical and EMS family are invited to
	For any special arrangements, please call Life Care Ambulance at
	(540) 752-7721 and they will pass your information to the appropriate
	planning committee member.

	James P. Burke

	David Kearns, CONCERN Coordinator

The CONCERN network shares verified information to alert medical
transport programs when an accident / incident has occurred.
Please share the above information with your program staff. If
you have further questions, please contact the CONCERN Coordinator,
David Kearns at 800 525 3712 or email: coordinator@concern-network.org.