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AeroCare Medical Transport, Inc. - Non-injury incident

	January 6, 2005  CST

	AeroCare Medical Transport, Inc.

	Flight Concepts

	7601 E Apache, Hangar 22
	Tulsa OK 74115

	Clear, cold, ice on runway

	Lear 35


	Pilot, Copilot, Nurse, Paramedic. No injuries reported. No patient. 

	Upon arrival at Stillwater OK (SWO) for origination of patient
	transport, the aircraft departed the end of the runway onto
	grassy/muddy surface at a slow speed post landing due to ice layer on
	runway surface.

	The Stillwater OK (SWO) area was one day post ice storm. Pirep in
	briefing received prior to departure for SWO was the braking was fair
	to good. Upon landing spoilers were deployed and braking appeared to
	be working well. Upon reaching the far end of the runway there was
	significantly more ice on the runway inhibiting braking action and
	the aircraft skidded oximately 30ft off the end of the runway. The
	departure from the runway was so uneventful that the medical crew
	didn't know it until they were asked if they were OK by the PIC.
	The patient was held at the hospital until we were assisted by Tulsa
	Life Flight Ground Unit. Tulsa is 90 miles from SWO. Tulsa Life
	Flight dispatched the ambulance to pick up the AeroCare MTi medical
	staff at SWO.  Proceeded to pick up the patient in Stillwater and
	then to Tulsa for transport in another AeroCare MTi aircraft.  Thanks
	to Tulsa Life Flight.
	There was no apparent damage to the aircraft and it was towed from
	the mud within a couple of hours. The aircraft will be OOS until an
	inspection is completed.

	Michael Paston, Program Director

	David Kearns, CONCERN Coordinator

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