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REACH Air Ambulance - Fatal accident

DATE		12/24/03 0945 PST

PROGRAM		REACH Air Ambulance

VENDOR		Part 135

		451 Aviation Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

WEATHER		Overcast, Rain



INJURIES	Art Gotisar, Pilot - fatal
Kelly Bates, Flight Nurse - fatal
Diane Codding, Flight Nurse - fatal

DESCRIPTION	Aircraft had completed an instrument approach to
		Ukiah airport and was proceeding VFR ro a
		rendezvous point with a ground ambulance
		approximately 15 miles NW of Ukiah.  The medical
		crew had radioed via satcom that they were
		returning to Ukiah.  Aircraft impacted higher

SOURCE		Ed MacDonald, Chief Pilot

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN

The CONCERN network shares verified information to alert medical
transport programs when an accident / incident has occurred.
Please share the above information with your program staff. If
you have further questions, please contact the CONCERN Coordinator,
Roseann Krantz @ 1-800-75-SHOCK or rjkrantz@aol.com.