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AeroCare Medical Transport, Inc. - Non-injury incident

DATE		11/5/03  

PROGRAM		AeroCare Medical Transport, Inc.

VENDOR		Omni Air Transport

		7600 E. Apache 
Hangar 22
Tulsa, OK 74115-0003

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor



TEAM		Pilot, FN, FP. No injuries reported. Patient on

DESCRIPTION	Flight Aruba to Newark, NJ.  During stop in FLL
		for refuel and to clear customs, pilot, who is an
		A&P mechanic reported a high oil pressure
		indication in one engine and investigation was
		required.  Pt. stable.  After short
		investigation, it was determined the aircraft
		would not continue with the patient on board. 
		The patient was placed in a local hospital to
		short stay overnight.  The flight was completed
		the next day in a Lear 25 without further

SOURCE		Mike Paston, Program Director

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN

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