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Stanford Life Flight - Non-injury incident

DATE		6/16/03 1700 

PROGRAM		Stanford Life Flight

VENDOR		Air Methods

		Stanford Hospitals and Clinics
300 Pasteur Dr., H1249
Stanford, CA 94305

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor



TEAM		Steven Scott, Pilot; David Bevin & Leanne Perez,
FNs. No injuries reported. Patient on board. 

DESCRIPTION	While conducting an FAA Part 135 flight in VFR
		conditions enroute from St. Louise Hospital in
		Gilroy to SHC in Palo Alto, the crew experienced
		an in flight emergency.  The pilot received a
		warning light on the enunciator panel, indicating
		low oil pressure in engine #2.  He then
		immediately confirmed that engine #2 oil pressure
		gauge was indicating low.  In accordance with the
		BK 117 flight manual, the Number 2 engine was
		pulled back to idle position, and forward flight
		was continued in single engine profile.  The
		pilot declared an "emergency" with San Jose Tower
		and our Dispatch Center.  Program director
		responded to the communications center and
		initiated a portion of the emergency action plan,
		"Landing Short of Destination."

ADDITIONAL INFO	The pilot advised the tower and Dispatch Center
		that Life Flight was making an emergency landing
		at San Jose International Airport.  Fire & EMS
		were put on standby.  The flight nurses prepared
		the cabin and patient for an emergency landing. 
		At approximately 1704 the pilot performed a
		single engine profile landing onto the taxi-way
		at San Jose International where both engines were
		then shut down and the aircraft remained on the
		taxiway until it could be towed to the jet
		center.  Mechanical Investigation in underway at
		this time.  The patient was transported by ground
		ambulance to SHC.

SOURCE		Derrek W. Alexander, Program Director, Stanford
Life Flight

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN

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