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PENNSTAR - Non-injury incident

DATE		4/20/03  edt


VENDOR		CJ Systems Av Grp

		Hospital Univ of PA
		3400 Spruce St
		Phila, Pa 

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor


TAIL#		N 109 UP

TEAM		Pilot, Nurse, Paramedic. No injuries reported. 
		Patient on board.  

DESCRIPTION	During interhospital mission with an intubated and 
		sedated patient on board, aircraft traveling @ 130 
		knots, the pilot noticed a Cabin Door caution 
		light illuminated.  Pilot immediately advised 
		medcrew and requested a door security check.  Crew 
		reported doors appeared visually and manually 
		secure, shortly thereafter co-pilot side cabin 
		door opened in flight.  The medical crew manually 
		secured door handle to secure the door but was 
		unable to close door after the pilot slowed to a 
		hover.  An uneventful precautionary landing was 
		made to a nearby sponsoring hospital's rooftop 
		helipad.  Patient transport was completed after 
		rendezvous with another program aircraft.  Due to 
		heavy sedation, patient was unaware of event and 
		his condition was unchanged. 

ADDITIONAL INFO	Post flight mechanical assessment found door 
		rollers were out of tracking thus preventing crew 
		from closing door in flight.  The crew 
		coordination and overall actions of the team were 
		commendable in preventing aircraft damage and the 
		successful completion of the patient transport.  
		Door was repaired, tested, and aircraft was placed 
		back in service with operational limitations 
		imposed.  A redesigned door closure mechanism 
		provided by manufacturer was installed post 

SOURCE		Bob Higgins, Program Director

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN


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