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Albany MedFLIGHT - LifeNet - Non-injury incident

DATE		12-26-02 1400 EST

PROGRAM		Albany MedFLIGHT - LifeNet

VENDOR		Rocky Mountain 

		387 Myrtle Avenue
		Albany, NY 12208

WEATHER		Winds were northwest at 19 knots, gusting to 26.  
		Partly cloudy. 



TEAM		Pilot, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic. No injuries 
		reported. No patient.  

DESCRIPTION	Crew was dispatched for an interhospital transfer. 
		The crew boarded the helicopter and the pilot 
		began to start the number 1 engine. As the main 
		rotor blades began to turn, one of the blades 
		flexed downward, and struck the tail boom. The 
		blade separated from the main rotor hub, and the 
		start was aborted. There was damage to the 
		vertical stabilizers, tailboom and blades. No 
		debris departed the roof-top helipad and there 
		were no injuries. Cause is suspected to be wind 
		related but is still being investigated.  

SOURCE		Tina Giangrasso - Program Director

VIA		David Kearns, CONCERN


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