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Scott & White, Medivac 1 - Injury accident

DATE		10/7/01 2300 CDT

PROGRAM		Scott & White, Medivac 1

VENDOR		Southwest Helicopters

		Scott & White Memorial Hospital
		2401 South 31st St.
		Temple, TX 76508

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor



INJURIES	Pilot - injured
		Nurse - not injured
		Paramedic - injured

DESCRIPTION	Aircraft had been at a PR event and was returning 
		to base when it was diverted to a scene with non 
		specific coordinates.  Team noted a searchlight 
		and incorrectly believed that was the scene.  
		Aircraft was then cancelled by ground EMS.  As 
		they were returning to base, one instrument light 
		illuminated followed by all lights and a dual 
		engine failure.  A low altitude autorotation was 
		executed into a field. 

ADDITIONAL INFO	Pilot experienced an L1 compression fracture.  
		Flight Paramedic experience a head laceration.  
		The aircraft is a total loss. 

SOURCE		Tony Woodard, CFN, Scott & White Medevac 1

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN


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