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Enloe Flightcare - Fatal accident

DATE		9/22/01 2008 PDT

PROGRAM		Enloe Flightcare

VENDOR		Own Part 135

		Enloe Medical Center
		1531 Esplanade
		Chico, CA 95926

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor


TAIL#		350 BA

INJURIES	Ron Jones, Pilot - fatal
		Mike Ferris, Nurse - injured
		Stacey Reed, Nurse - injured

DESCRIPTION	Aircraft was in process of landing at designated 
		helipad located in Butte Meadows when a brown-out 
		situation occurred.  The pilot lost visual cues, 
		drifted to the right and crashed into trees.  
		Flight Nurse Stacey Reed is in critical condition, 
		Mike Ferris is in serious condition. 

SOURCE		Tom Schaub, Safety Officer

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN


The CONCERN network shares verified information to alert medical
transport programs when an accident / incident has occurred.
Please share the above information with your program staff. If
you have further questions, please contact the CONCERN Coordinator,
Roseann Krantz @ 1-800-75-SHOCK or rjkrantz@aol.com.