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VANDERBILT LIFEFLIGHT - Non-injury incident

DATE		6/4/01 2240 EDT


VENDOR		Rocky Mountain Helicopters

		Vanderbilt University Medical Center
		401 Oxford House
		Nashville, TN

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor


TAIL#		BK117

TEAM		2 nurses, 1 pilot. No injuries reported. No 

DESCRIPTION	Aircraft was enroute to a medical mission when 
		aircraft experienced a partial power failure to 
		one engine.  This is similar to the incident that 
		occurred on April 6th.  During the April 6th 
		incident, this same engine was in 911VU.  This 
		engine was overhauled and put into Rocky Mountain 
		Helicopter's BK fleet.  During normal engine 
		change, this same engine was placed in BK117.  The 
		same partial power failure occurred.  Emergent 
		landing was made at John C. Tune airport, 
		Nashville, without incident 

ADDITIONAL INFO	Honeywell is involved in the investigation

SOURCE		Jeanne Yeatman, Assistant Program Director

VIA		Roseanne Krantz, CONCERN


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