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Air Evac Lifeteam 5 - Minor injury accident

DATE		3/8/01 0255 CST

PROGRAM		Air Evac Lifeteam 5

VENDOR		Air Evac EMS, Inc.

ADDRESS		Blessing Hospital
		Quincy, Illinois

WEATHER		Clear. Not a factor


TAIL#		unknown

TEAM		see below.. Patient on board. Minor injuries. 

INJURIES	Sam Cain, Pilot - minor injuries
		Angie Algers, FN - not injured
		Jason Moss, FP - not injured

DESCRIPTION	Aircraft was on final approach to Barnes Hospital 
		in St. Louis, MO when it encountered a large flock 
		of ducks.  Multiple strikes on the aircraft 
		resulted in one duck shattering the left 
		windscreen and entering the interior of the 
		aircraft.  The pilot received a laceration above 
		his left eye from the shattered plexiglass.  The 
		pilot was able to control the aircraft while 
		experiencing vision difficulty secondary to the 
		hemorrhage from the laceration and safely landed 
		the aircraft without further incident. 

ADDITIONAL INFO	CRM did not detect the flock of ducks until 
		seconds before the contact with the aircraft due 
		to the nighttime darkness.  The patient sustained 
		superficial small lacerations.  The pilot 
		sustained a moderate laceration over the left eye 
		that required sutures.  The medical crew was 

SOURCE		Randy Layman, Director of Development via Roseanne 
		Krantz, CONCERN 


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