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Date:  2/10/2001 @ 12:50:23 PM EST

Operator:  CALSTAR, self owned, own Part 135 Non Profit

Aircraft:  MBB BO 105, LS A3

Weather:  not a factor, Night enroute medical emergency scene.

Team:  Pilot, 2 nurses


Description:  Aircraft was enroute to a prepared landing zone around midnight (PST).  Crew saw a shadow of bird as it flew under aircraft.  Shadow was caused by normal reflection from aircraft strobe and position lights.  Crew felt no impact.  Crew landed using flood lighting and successfully completed patient transfer, upon landing at base of operations, pilot inspected aircraft and discovered bird remains in SX-16 lens, parabolic reflector, bulb, and one suspension lug was damaged.

Information by:  Marc P Cournoyer, Chief Safety Officer, CALSTAR via Roseann Krantz, CONCERN


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